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Does Jay Halstead die on Chicago P.D.? Will Jesse Lee Soffer leave cast?

Halstead on PD
Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead of the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: NBC

Chicago P.D. viewers were left with a huge cliffhanger on Wednesday night. Detective Jay Halstead had been kidnapped and injured earlier in the episode, but in the final moments, he was also shot.

As with sequences like this happening during the fall finale of any show, fans really wanted to know if actor Jesse Lee Soffer is going to be leaving the Chicago P.D. cast.

Here’s the bad news — the future of Jay Halstead on the show is a bit murky. The show and one of its lead actors have played this one very close to the vest. We really don’t know if Halstead dies or lives on to deal with the repercussions of his actions this season.

There isn’t a lot of good news to pass on with the situation, either, as the early preview for the return of Chicago P.D. in 2020 doesn’t look good. A quick preview was provided by NBC that shows Halstead clinging to life.

The Chicago P.D. return date was revealed, so at least fans know when they will receive answers about the fate of Detective Jay Halstead and whether or not Jesse Lee Soffer will be around for the rest of Season 7.

There are still some problems that might have to be addressed by the Intelligence team during the back half of Season 7. At the forefront of it all, Halstead admitted what the team had done to Marcus West after his death (framed him for murder).

Halstead was feeling a lot of guilt and had sought out Marcus’s former girlfriend, Angela, to try to help her out. Marcus also had a son with Angela named Bobby, who Halstead played catch with during the episode.

Halstead did all of this without telling Angela who he really was — right up until they were both being held hostage and Halstead revealed the truth. She was not pleased and she shot him with one of the hostage taker’s guns.

In the preview for the winter premiere, Angela is shown stating that she is going to go public with the information. Halstead is also shown trying to survive in the hospital. What happens next and how will this all play out? We will all have to tune in when the trio of Chicago shows return to find out for sure.

If Chicago P.D. spoilers leak about these storylines before the winter premiere, we will make sure to pass on any information that we learn.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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