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DJ Khaled shares his best story about Jay-Z and Beyonce in this Untold Stories of Hip Hop exclusive

DJ Khaled is next up on Untold Stories of Hip Hop. When he sits down with Angie Martinez, Khaled is sharing his story about how Jay-Z and Beyonce ended up on his record.

In the exclusive Untold Stories of Hip Hop sneak peek, DJ Khaled explains how he was coming off the stage when he ran into Jay-Z. As the two passed, the Roc Nation boss told Khaled, “I played that for…”

“For the queen,” Angie says, finishing his sentence. And by the queen, obviously, they meant Beyonce.

The encounter had DJ Khaled feeling a bit starstruck. After all, it’s exciting to have such musical icons appreciate your music — but that wasn’t the end of this epic moment for Khaled.

“So, somebody grabs my shoulder,” DJ Khaled said while motioning to his left shoulder. “And I turn around and it was Beyonce!”

“And I even know it was Beyonce because it was Beyonce! Because it’s Beyonce right,” He continued. “So like I’m buggin’ cuz when I’m around the queen, I’m straight nervous. I’m scared!”

DJ Khaled on Untold Stories of Hip Hop
DJ Khaled opens up about how Jay-Z put his music in front of Beyonce. Pic credit: WEtv

DJ Khaled continues with his story about meeting Beyonce and how intimidated he was, reminding Angie Martinez that she touched his shoulder.

While that was a really exciting moment for him, DJ Khaled explained that he knew it was a catalyst for something bigger. After all, Beyonce did tell him that she liked his record.

It turns out that she liked it so much that Jay-Z contacted Khaled later.

“Record done,” Khaled claims that Jay-Z told him. He didn’t even ask for details he just said okay. Because, as Khaled put it, this is Jay-Z and he learned early on “not to ask too many questions.”

Ultimately, DJ Khaled ended up putting both Jay-Z and Beyonce on his album titled Grateful.

Untold Stories of Hip Hop hosted by Angie Martinez airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv. 

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