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DJ Khaled judges lingerie snapchats on America’s Next Top Model

 Rita Ora and DJ Khaled as they analyze the Snapchats on America's Next Top Model
Rita Ora and DJ Khaled as they analyze the Snapchats on America’s Next Top Model

DJ Khaled joins Rita Ora on America’s Next Top Model this week to lend his social-media expertise to the girls vying for the crown.

The challenge sees the Season 23 ANTM contestants having to work in pairs to create Snapchat storylines as they walk through the streets of New York City dressed in nothing but dressing gowns and lingerie.

As they strut along the city’s famous regenerated High Line walkway, the girls film themselves saying things to the camera, and interacting with members of the public.

Rita and DJ Khaled then go through the videos after they’ve all been submitted, and he gives his take on how they did.

The episode also sees him offer advice to the girls about how to do things and brand themselves on social media.

In one clip, contestants Binta and Courtney are working together while walking along the High Line. They appear to find it hard to work together, as things get heated and Binta accuses Courtney of not wanting to be in her video.

She said: “Courtney was just freaking out about everything instead of focusing on the product.”

The pair then film themselves sharing positive messages about self confidence and unity.

Binta films herself with the camera as she strikes poses and says: “The most important resources that you have is your body and your mind. Be good to it, appreciate it.”

DJ Khaled praises the way she works the camera, and says: “In the end she is being very bold, making a very bold statement.”

In a separate video, Courtney holds the camera as Binta stands behind her. She then says: “Beauty isn’t defined by the color of your skin, or the scars on your back, it’s defined by being beautiful in what you already have, and loving each other and yourself.”

DJ Khaled also praises her video, describing Courtney as “very confident”, adding: “At a time like this we need to have more messages like this.”

Also on ANTM this week, Instagram queen Jasmine Sanders aka Golden Barbie joins the ladies to help them improve their profiles online.

America’s Next Top Model airs Mondays at 10/9c on VH-1.

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