Diving the Money Pit for treasure on The Curse of Oak Island

The Money Pit on The Curse of Oak Island
The team diving the Money Pit on The Curse of Oak Island

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the Lagina brothers search the infamous Money Pit for treasure.

They are back in the Money Pit and when they drill down to 171 feet it suddenly drops to 178 feet and keeps dropping, indicating a cavity.

A small piece of grey metal is found in the pit and looks for all the world like a tiny model of Oak Island.

Oak Island find
Oak Island find…is it just a random piece of metal or has it been shaped?

The team then sends down their diver, who descends to the murky depths and reaches the chamber at the bottom, but what will he find?

The Money Pit is a legend in itself and perhaps the main attraction of the island to treasure seekers over the years.

It’s been claimed it is a carefully constructed subterranean vault designed to keep its secrets from prying eyes and grasping hands, with various flood tunnels connected to it in order to make excavating it very difficult.

Over the years various teams have spent millions of dollars in today’s money trying to get to the bottom but nobody has managed to solve the mystery.

Scientists did take a look once and they dropped dye down the hole to see where it would come out. They identified several outlets around the island but put it down to natural limestone caverns beneath the island.

Last week the team were searching the Oak Island swamp for a possible ancient ship.

Catch The Curse of Oak Island – No Stone Unturned at 9 PM on History.

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