Discovery star and custom car-builder Aaron Kaufman stars in Aaron Needs a Job

Aaron Kaufman will be doing a deep dive on all sorts of mechanical and engine-centric careers. Pic credit: Discovery
Aaron Kaufman will be doing a deep dive on all sorts of mechanical and engine-centric careers. Pic credit: Discovery

Discovery star and custom car-builder Aaron Kaufman has some clout at the network, as it was announced today that he will star in Aaron Needs a Job, a new series revolving around the wildly popular Fast N’ Loud star.

Expert custom car-builder Kaufman is going to expand his horizons for Discovery in this series, as he dives headfirst into mechanical worlds he’s never experienced before.

In an all-new Discovery Channel series, Kaufman promises viewers a “wild ride around the country” as he checks out motor-driven industries, conducts on-site interviews and meets up with the engine and gadget lovers of the world, the men and women who keep our world in motion.

Audiences will have a front-row seat as Kaufman, who fans got to know on Fast N’ Loud, will head out of his familiar and explore other engine-centric businesses like a vintage military vehicle restoration in Uvalde, Texas.

He will also get a bit into the nautical world as he becomes part of a tugboat crew in Tacoma, Washington and gets an insiders view of the very under wraps doings of the Las Vegas hotel service industry.

From coal mines to the dangerous front lines of forest fires, he’s checking out what working men and women are up to and how they got into their respective businesses.

Fans know Aaron Kaufman as an established television personality, this self-taught mechanic and fabricator is known as one of the members of the Gas Monkey Garage team, featured on the Discovery Channel series Fast N’ Loud.

He departed working at the garage and formed his own business, and then starred in a series called Shifting Gears. There were rumors he and Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings had a bit of a falling out too.

Of his new series, he says: “I quit my job and walked away from Fast N’ Loud to pursue my passion for racing…and it nearly broke the bank…I am exploring the country in search of incredible places, industry and people that keep America running.”

Discovery says:

“Whether he is careening three miles into a pitch-black Colorado coal mine to learn about the very real dangers of operating machinery near explosive coal dust or joining the brave ranks of Nevada firefighters working through extreme desert conditions, Kaufman leaves no stone unturned on his journey to find his next big gig.”

Count on Kaufman to dive deep inside the industries, motors, machines and mechanical minds that drive commerce and serve the general population in a variety of ways. Producers promise this new series will offer “vantage point for viewers and motor fans alike.”

The creatives behind the new series for Discovery include Craig Piligian and Eddie Rohwedder serving as executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman and Kyle Wheeler are executive producers with Ethan Galvin and Olivia Ghersen serving as producers. Aaron Kaufman also serves as executive producer.

Aaron Needs A Job premieres Monday, July 15 at 10/9c on Discovery Channel.

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