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Digital deal with the devil summons the Tall Man in Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness
A digital deal with the devil goes wrong on tonight’s Paranormal Witness

On Paranormal Witness tonight the show recounts how a young man made a deal with the devil resulting in their home being terrorised by a sinister Tall Man.

In The Contract a god fearing family are distraught to find out their oldest son has made some sort of crossroads type pact with the devil, on his computer!

Soon their home is being terrorised by a mysterious and evil Tall Man.

One night the mother has put her youngest son Gage to bed and is going to sleep herself when she hears the boy screaming.

Paranomral Witness
Bedtime routine was about to be interrupted in a terrifying way

She runs to his bedroom and finds him awake and looking very scared.

Gage tells her: “There’s a man standing next to my bed.”

The boy claims a tall, smiling man was standing over his bed
The boy claims a tall, smiling man was standing over his bed

He says the man was tall and he was smiling.

She assures him it was just a nightmare and searches round the room to prove there is no boogieman hiding anywhere.

The boy claims a tall, smiling man was standing over his bed
Mum tries assure her son there is nobody in the room

However, Gage is still scared so she picks him up and takes him to sleep in her room for the night.

As they leave the room the closet door opens…

What were the terms of the pact the older boy made? What does the Tall Man want? Why is he targeting her youngest son?

Tune in tonight for Paranormal Witness – The Contract at 10 PM on Syfy.

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