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Did stunts take toll on Patrick Swayze’s body? Star’s death examined on Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…

A still of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing on Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...
A still of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing on Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… on REELZChannel

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… on REELZChannel tonight examines Patrick’s Swayze’s death, and asks whether carrying out his own stunts took a toll on his body.

The series, which recently looked at the deaths of Prince and Natalie Cole, sees forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter examine the Dirty Dancing star’s medical records.

And he looks at the star’s life and whether anything could have been done to help him before he passed away  at the age of 57 in 2009 following a battle with cancer.

Dr Hunter says of the medical records: “These along with first-hand testimonies allow me to investigate the reason for his death.

“How did this Hollywood star go from incredibly fit and healthy in 2007 to dying just two years later.”

The episode also highlights how the star would often carry out his own stunts. Dr Hunter says: “The numerous traumatic injuries that he performed while performing his own stunts could have had an impact on his general health, weakening his body and making him more susceptible to injury.

“Patrick’s various symptoms clearly reveal that his health was in jeopardy.”

Dr Hunter also talked about the Autopsy episode with Celebrity Page TV. He said: “What we’re going to learn on Autopsy regarding Patrick Swayze is that this was someone who was amazingly fit, full of life — doesn’t appear like anything is going to stop him.

“And, you know, something clearly does. He wastes away in front of our lives. And the question is what’s going on? Could there have been something done earlier on that may have helped him?”

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…Patrick Swayze airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on REELZChannel.

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