Did Reggie die on The Chi?

Reggie and Big Mike
Reggie was shot in the season finale of The Chi Season 2. Did he die? Pic credit: Showtime

In the Season 2 finale of The Chi, titled The Scorpion and the Frog, Reggie comes under fire from a woman riding past on the backseat of a motorcycle. Reggie (Barton Fitzpatrick) is hit and he falls bleeding on the sidewalk while Big Mike (Michael Island) returns fire, but the assailants get away.

After the assailants escape, Mike returns to Reggie, who is wounded and bleeding on the sidewalk. He picks Reg up and runs to get help. Although it is clear that Reggie is hit and badly hurt, we don’t know whether he will survive or die. We will have to wait until The Chi Season 3 to find out what happens to him.

Fans took to Twitter immediately after the season finale to debate whether Reggie will live or die after the deadly attack.  Some fans who felt that Reggie wouldn’t survive the shooting were so upset that they threatened not to watch the next season of the show.

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However, most fans were optimistic that Reggie will survive the shooting because they felt that the writers wouldn’t kill him off at a time that his little brother Jake (Michael Epps) needs him. Jake was recently arrested for selling drugs.

Reg, a drug dealer, is Jake’s older brother. Reggie looks out for his little brother although he himself lives a dangerous life.

Some fans speculated on social media that Otis “Douda” Perry (Curtiss Cook) likely plotted to bump off Reggie so that he can have custody of Jake.

Many fans think that Reggie should have been wary of Douda after he began taking interest in Jake, saying that Jake is “the company’s” future and that he needs to be “insulated from the trappings of the block.”

“There’s nothing we can do with him if he has a rap sheet long enough to wipe his (rear) with by the time he’s in 9th grade,” Douda said.

At this point, there’s no evidence to show Barton Fitzpatrick is leaving The Chi. He doesn’t have many other projects coming up based on IMDb. On social media, where Fitzpatrick regularly posts to promote the show and his character, he hasn’t said anything.

The Chi is expected to return for Season 3 in 2020 on Showtime. 

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3 years ago

I hate for anyone to die, they are all fantastic but Reg is mesmerizing. then watching season 3 I see Trig and wow. they look like they could be brothers. is it only me? I thought it was the actor playing Reg. I have been back and forth between shows looking and searching found Luke James. I love this show.

3 years ago

I hope Reg isnt dead,if he is this show wont make it.

3 years ago

The wine spiiled. Reg is dead. RIP