Did Busy Tonight get canceled?

Busy Phillips posing on the set of Busy Tonight ahead of show's cancellation.
Busy Tonight promotional photo featuring star Busy Phillips. Pic credit: E!

Actress Busy Phillips shocked and pleased fans when she revealed she was getting her own talk show on E! network last year.

Busy Tonight premiered on October 28, 2018, to rave reviews from critics and fan admiration. The former Dawson’s Creek alum was a natural as a talk show host.

She was relaxed and did not shy away from asking guests questions she knew her viewers wanted answers to. The set was a living room, depicted from what Phillips said was her actual home.

Despite the initial success of the half-hour talk show, E! decided to cancel Busy Tonight after one season. Phillips let fans know the sad news on Instagram, which included her sharing that the show’s finale would be on May 16, after its 100th episodes.

E! network may have decided to not move forward with another season of Busy Tonight, but the actress is not giving up hope. She recently shared with US Weekly and on social media that she is not letting her talk show dreams die.

Phillips admitted not only that she is still taking meetings to find the project a new home, but several parties are interested in working with her to revive the talk show.

Fans and critics of the now-canceled Busy Tonight have been given a little hope thanks to star, Busy Phillips. She is working hard to bring her voice back to television.

However, this time around, she wants to ensure the show lands at the right home.

“There is a need for, different voices to be in media, you know, talking about different types of things. People want that. I just wasn’t at the exact right place for people to be able to access that and get it. So maybe we’ll figure out a better place for it to happen,” she shared with US Weekly.

Thanks to her popularity on social media, the Cougar Town star fought to have her own talk show to help reach an audience via a new platform. She is not giving up that fight simply because one network decided to cancel it after one season.

Long before Phillips got her talk show, she used social media to express her truth. The mother of two has been open about tackling difficult topics, as well as letting fans into her life.

Busy Tonight is canceled, but those interested in checking it out or watching an episode again can do so now on E! on-demand.

Stay tuned to find out if the talk show finds a new home.

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