Devon on Wine Country: Who plays the chaperone in new Netflix movie?

Jason Schwartzman as Devon on Wine Country
Jason Schwartzman plays Devon the chaperone on Wine Country. Pic credit: Colleen Hayes/Netflix

A brand new movie hit Netflix over the weekend in Wine Country and it has received rave reviews.

The movie is Amy Poehler’s (Parks and Rec) directorial debut and tells the story of a group of middle-aged women getting together for one of their 50th birthday celebrations.

The movie has been favorably compared to Bridesmaids when it comes to the idea of a movie about women for women and the cast is amazing.

Poehler not only directs but also stars in the movie along with Tina Fey (30 Rock), Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids), Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer (Suburgatory), Paula Pell, and Emily Spivey.

However, there is also one key male character in the movie — Devon.

Who plays Devon on Wine Country?

The women on Wine Country head to a rental in Napa Valley owned by Tina Fey’s character to celebrate the 50th birthday of Rebecca (Dratch).

What is interesting is that the movie was based on when the women really went to Wine Country to celebrate Dratch’s birthday there in real life — with added comic relief.

Part of the humor comes in the fact that the McVilla they rent comes with its own chaperone and inept cook in Devon.

Devon is portrayed by Jason Schwartzman.

Devon is based on something people can really get when they rent a vacation home in Napa. He is a chaperone, chef and part-time therapist for the women, who loves listening to Bush and 311 when driving them around.

Dratch said that Devon was based on her friend Gerard of Gerard’s Paella, who goes to vineyards to make paella. The good news is that she said the real Gerard is nowhere near as obnoxious as Devon.

Who is Jason Schwartzman?

If you recognized Devon on Wine Country, there is a good reason. Actor Jason Schwartzman has been in a ton of high profile movies.

He is one of Wes Anderson’s most frequent collaborators. He was Bill Murray’s rival in Rushmore and also appeared in The Darjeeling Limited, Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom.

Fans of Edgar Wright might remember Schwartzman as the main boss in the final climax of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

TV fans will know Schwartzman from the lead role in the HBO series Bored to Death.

And, finally, in some great trivia, he was the drummer of Phantom Planet, which means he was partially responsible for “California,” the theme song for the TV series The O.C.

Wine Country is currently streaming on Netflix.

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