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Devin meets bride at wedding and gun range ‘man date’ on Married by Mom and Dad

Devlin at his wedding - Married by Mom and Dad
Devin is apprehensive as he waits to see his bride for the first time on Married by Mom and Dad

This week on Married by Mom and Dad, Devin’s parent have picked out his bride but now they worry how he will react on the wedding day.

Not only have Devin’s parents chosen his future wife, he also won’t see her until the wedding day. Understandably they are a bit worried about their choice, but buyer’s remorse will have to wait.

Devin looks nervous as he waits to see his bride. He will be hoping it’s not Ursula who contacted him on social media but whom he didn’t fancy.

So you want to date my daughter
So you want to date my daughter?

Meantime, Marissa’s dad has arranged to meet a potential husband at a gun range for a man date. At least he can be sure the suitor will be respectful…

Plus, Bethany’s parents have worked out a dating schedule and are all set to get things started…sounds exhausting!

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James Wray

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