Desus & Mero roast prosperity preacher Joel Osteen’s lame reaction to critics

Desus Nice, The Kid Mero
Desus & Mero discuss Joel Osteen’s double speak and tepid responses on camera

The “60 million dollar man” of God, Joel Osteen, a Houston-based prosperity preacher, got shamed into letting people into his church.

And Viceland’s Desus & Mero wasted no time dragging the toothy religious hawker’s feet to the coals.

The two rehashed Osteen’s tepid, “Be safe we are praying for you” Tweet, with Desus saying: “Yo, Joel, you gotta get on this.”

Mero reviewed footage of the church, which had said it was “inaccessible due to severe flooding” but was actually bone dry.

“After getting dragged on Twitter he FINALLY let people into his church,” said Desus.

The two Bronx culture commentators also showed Jake Tapper’s CNN interview with Osteen which was a study in double speak.

Then they showed a CBS This Morning interview where he was asked exactly how the funds he was asking for on his website would benefit the flood victims.

Osteen stuttered and finally said: “I don’t know how it all works…”

As for his church not being a sanctuary, Osteen said he never “paid attention to Twitter” and damned social media as being irrelevant to his ministry.

This was the opportunity for Desus and Mero to pretend to be God saying: “Joel, you f***** up!”

Add to that, the two Bodega Boys also dissected CNN’s video of reporter Rosa Flores getting told off by a survivor named Danielle on camera:

We also watched as a pack of hippos saved a poor wildebeest from a crocodile attack while his wildebeest pals watch:

And they were joined by rapper Aminé, a Portland, Oregon, musical prodigy…

Desus & Mero airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm on Viceland.

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