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Desus & Mero horrified by men’s romper fashion trend

Desus and Mero imagine greater, and too much thigh showing makes Mero say no.

Do you want to look fashionable sashaying around the mean streets of the Bronx NYC this summer? According to Desus & Mero on their VICELAND talk show last night, nix the man rompers.

On the main segment, Desus and Mero weigh the pros and mostly cons of RompHims, rompers for men.

The pair talked about the ongoing RompHim Kickstarter project, and what is described as a “pretty damn comfortable…fashion revolution” but for the two Bronx natives, it was a no-go zone.

In the end, the romper for men is a no go, “my guy”

The restrictive nature of getting in and out of this fashion item normally reserved for women made the two riff on potential party situations.

Noting the vexing testicle management that these outfits could present, Desus said: “You can’t wear boxers with rompers, you’d have the wild panty lines…”

The Kid Mero shut it down for him, and said: “First of all, I’m very curvaceous, and I’m not trying to get butt-naked when I take a piss.”

Bringing up the insanely long waits women have at events, Desus said: “The whole point of a romper is to make a woman’s [restroom] line mad long at a party.”

Then an alternative fashion idea was proposed. Desus said he was going to bring back body suits with the “snaps in the crotch”, while Mero would rock rompers with “thermals and Timbs [Timberlands]”

Desus summarized the oddball fashion trend: “We definitely can’t go back to the Bronx”

He cautioned viewers: “I wouldn’t do that, my guy!”

Desus & Mero airs weekdays at 11pm ET on VICELAND

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