Derek and Annabelle on Catfish The TV Show

Catfish the TV show
Catfish the TV Show airs on MTV on Wednesdays. Credit: MTV

Catfish: The TV Show is back with a new episode and tonight, Nev Schulman and his wife, Laura Perlongo, will help a young man named Derek find out who he has been talking to. Her name is Annabelle, but all signs point to the fact that not all is as it seems. The case starts out with an anonymous email from a supposed friend, who is concerned about Derek wasting his time.

When Nev and Laura Perlongo contact Derek, he appears to be shocked that someone is reaching out to get him help. He claims that he met Annabelle during a night out when his friends convinced him to join SnapChat. But he ended up deleting the app later on. Then, Annabelle found him on Facebook and within a few days, he went from heartbroken to head over heels.

Now, fans who have watched previous episodes of Catfish: The TV Show know that there are plenty of red flags, including the anonymous source. It could be a concerned friend, but it could also be Annabelle, hiding who she really is. It could be her way of coming clean.

Another red flag is the fact that they live so close and haven’t met. Also, Nev and Laura are surprised that Annabelle refuses to talk on the phone. And lastly, it is also a red flag that someone was pursuing him so aggressively after a long-term failed relationship.

So, who could it be? Well, it could be one of his guy friends, pretending to be Annabelle to get him to move on from his failed relationship. It could also be his ex-girlfriend, needing to talk to him as another person. Maybe she didn’t want to lose him or maybe she wanted to get revenge for how things ended between them. Or maybe it is indeed a stranger and everything just happened as a coincidence. But based on his reaction during the preview for the episode, it sounds like he recognizes the person who shows up.

What do you think of tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show? Who do you think will surprise Derek, Nev and Laura?

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