Dearbon on The Flash: What does the name on Ralph Dibny’s file mean?

Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen on The Flash.
Could the reference to Dearbon in the season finale of The Flash tease a love interest for Ralph Dibny next season? Pic credit: The CW

Last night’s season finale episode of The Flash saw the team’s final showdown with Cicada, the exit of beloved character Cisco Ramon, and the return of The Flash’s greatest nemesis. Then, the episode’s final moments provided a clue of what could be to come for Ralph Dibny, Elongated Man, next season.

In the montage that ended the season, Ralph was seen opening a case file with the name Dearbon on it. For comic book fans, this is a major clue of a character we may be seeing soon.

Who is Dearbon?

Dearbon is likely the first official reference in the Arrowverse to Sue Dearbon, the woman who eventually becomes Ralph’s wife, Sue Dibny, in the comics. According to, Sue’s first comic book appearance happened all the way back in the 1960s.

She was a socialite from upstate New York who met Ralph when he crashed her debutante ball. They got married shortly afterward and Barry Allen was the best man at their wedding.

Sue worked as an administrator for the Justice League and played a key supporting role in their work. She’s been a fan favorite ever since her introduction.

However, she may be best known for her storyline in 2004’s Identity Crisis, which centers on her murder and prior rape. Fortunately for critics of the controversial storyline, it seems unlikely that The Flash would go in that particular direction on the series.

A Love Interest for Ralph

Earlier this year in an interview with TV Guide, Ralph Dibny actor Hartley Sawyer teased that Ralph may be getting a love interest soon.

Sawyer explained:

We’re working our way towards [a love interest]. He has to work on himself a little more before that really comes in, but he’s done a lot of work on himself… He’s sort of worked the kinks out of his system, where he’s going to be ready for that very, very soon. I’m excited for that.

Based on that Dearbon tease, it seems that Ralph’s coming love interest could indeed be his comic book wife. It’s another exciting hint of what we can look forward to in The Flash’s upcoming sixth season.

The Flash will return for Season 6 in fall 2019 on The CW.

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