Deal or No Deal Island has Boston Rob fans ‘nervous’ and ‘stressed’

Boston Rob Mariano at a Survivor event.
Fans on Boston Rob are on pins and needles hoping he wins the game on Deal or No Deal Island. Pic credit: ©

Monday night is the first of a two-part finale for Deal or No Deal Island Season 1, and it promises to be a nail-biter.

Only four contestants are left: Amy McCoy, Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, and Jordan Fowler leaving Boston Rob Mariano as the lone guy.

Boston Rob is the fan favorite who has undoubtedly carried the show. Each week, fans quickly share their thoughts about how Rob is doing and how upset they will be if he goes home.

Deal or No Deal Island differs from the original show because it is featured on a tropical island. A “banker” sequestered in a yacht calls in with deals for the contestant in the hot seat.

Claudia Jordan, an early contestant, was great for continuity since she was on the original as a suitcase model. As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, fans have called her a “lucky charm” for the series.

Boston Rob has been essential throughout the season because of his fantastic gaming skills. Fans have been watching the Survivor and Amazing Race alum weekly on Deal or No Deal Island.

Fans are declaring they are ‘Team Boston Rob for life’

When Boston Rob shared on Instagram that Monday’s episode would be part one of a two-part finale, fans started to share how they felt about Boston Rob’s chances against the other women.

One fan said, “I’m nervous…Team Boston Rob for life!!!” Another said, “I will be completely honest I have never watched the show until you being on it.”

Then one fan shared, “AHHHHH SO STRESSED.” Another fan said, “Go get ’em, Rob!! Eliminate Stephanie and Amy!!1”

Fans are 'nervous' and 'stressed' over the finale of Deal or No Deal Island
Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

The fans are only there for Boston Rob and the show he puts on. He is an expert at making the game look effortless.

Amy tries to sabotage Boston Rob in this spoiler

NBC shared a LEAK video titled Amy Sabotages Boston Rob in the Final Challenge, which shows that even Amy is against Boston Rob.

Amy is heard telling Boston Rob they have the only cases left, intimating that he does not need to look for more during a challenge. “Trust me or believe me, I don’t care,” Amy is heard to say.

That declaration seemed to spur Boston Rob to look for a case himself. He could be heard later saying, “Amy, why are you lying to me- there’s no point.”

Earlier in Season 1, Amy swore in front of her children that she and Rob would be the final two. Perhaps she changed her mind since Rob is proving hard to beat.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Kathy Hummel
Kathy Hummel
11 days ago

Team Rob!