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Deadliest Catch exclusive: Wild Bill finds Nick off his face as friend urinates on deck

Wild Bill is talking to a friend when he spies trouble going down on deck
Wild Bill is talking to a friend when he spies trouble going down on deck

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch, it gets wild on Bill’s boat as deck boss Nick McGlashan’s bad behavior gets fully out of control — and one of his friends urinates on deck.

Fans were left with big questions surrounding Nick’s health at the end of last week’s episode, which saw Wild Bill fearing he could lose Nick to a terminal illness after he fell ill aboard the Summer Bay.

Nick has played a major part in Wild Bill’s operation for years. But tonight things go south for Nick when Wild Bill finds him totally off his face.

Wild Bill senses something is wrong while he’s on the phone explaining how doctors were not able to find anything wrong with Nick after he took him to the clinic.

But Bill cuts the call short when he notices Nick’s cousin and another friend emerge from a door, before one of them starts urinating on his deck.

Bill is incredulous and asks over the loud-speaker what they are doing there, adding: “Are you really pissing on my boat?”

The camera from Bill’s point of view, with one of the men urinating on his deck

Bill ends his phone call, saying: “There’s a couple of jackasses, Nick’s cousin and another guy just coming off the boat, I gotta go, call you later.”

Wild Bill then heads down and across the deck to investigate further, and is shocked by what he finds. As he opens a door he sees Nick off his face.

H says: “No f****** way. Nick, are you f****** serious? What the f****, you can’t even look at me you’re so f***** up. [You] can’t even hold a cigarette in your mouth.

“Everybody’s working their ass off and you pull this s***? I’m done with this. F****** nightmare.”

The episode then sees Wild Bill discover that Nick is addicted to opiates, when he finds a stash of Nick’s pills.

He says: “I’m not f***ing having this on my f***ing boat.”

And Wild Bill really isn’t standing for it — so ends up firing him.

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday at 9/8c on Discovery

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