Deadliest Catch exclusive: The moment Captain Keith learns The Wizard is on fire

Deadliest Catch Smoke
Captain Keith the moment he realizes his boat is on fire. Pic credit: Discovery
Deadliest Catch Smoke
Captain Keith the moment he realizes his boat is on fire. Pic credit: Discovery

Out in the Bering Sea, a fire on a ship can mean death in minutes for an unlucky crew.

And on Tuesday’s Deadliest Catch on Discovery, we see The Wizard, which is helmed by Captain Keith Colburn. The ship is in for it with the realization that something is keeping the boat’s port crane on deck from working properly. The gears grinding that we hear are a dead giveaway that the ship is not exactly shipshape.

Our exclusive clip below shows that the Wizard has way more than a technical issue or a mechanical failure, but a full-fledged fire that Captain Keith learns about as the cameras are on him in the captain’s cabin.

He goes from a big smile to freaking out in a flash. Understandable, as a fire on a boat in the middle of frigid waters with no rescue boats nearby can mean the death of them all in minutes from hypothermia and drowning.

It turns out that his brother, Monty Colburn, takes charge of the drama on deck and decides immediately to go and investigate. What does he find below deck?

Smoke, and lots of it.

Keith and Monty have had their ups and downs this season but now the two need each other more than ever as all hands are called on deck to cease their crabbing and focus on the fire below. Laughing and delight at the loaded crab pots and the dreams of a big payday end on a dime — it’s serious and everyone needs to focus.

In our exclusive interview with Captain Keith before the season, he elaborated on the complicated nature of having a sibling on board who works for him.

Of Monty and his past behaviors, Keith spoke in depth.

M&C: Your brother, that was a big source of … sort of the cliffhanger, and then, of course, the premiere … it was like tough-love time for Monte. But at the same time, watching you for so long and speaking with you in person, it was endearing at the same time the way you let him back on the boat. Can you talk about that?

Keith Colburn: Well, the thing is this: Monte and I … we are brothers. We’re always going to fight, that’s just the way it is. But we’re also going to work together to try and accomplish what we need to do out in the Bering Sea.

So there’s no captain in the Bering Sea that I’d rather have run my boat than my brother Monte … yet, heck, we’ve been fighting since we could walk.

And it happens, and we have disagreements. And at the end of the day, I own and run and operate a business. And sometimes my brother doesn’t want to do it the way I want him to. And if it gets to a point that I don’t think it’s acceptable, well then you know what? Adios.

M&C: It seems like he’s buckling down.

Keith Colburn: Well, here’s the thing. They don’t have cameras on us all the time. If they would have got us the week before, down in Ballard, Washington, they would have gotten some real good stuff.

Make sure to tune in and see if Keith’s epic haul of crab is cut short by this fire in the engine room and if the crew is declared safe.

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday at 9/8c on Discovery.

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