Deadliest Catch exclusive: Summer Bay hit by giant waves after losing power in huge seas

Captain 'Wild Bill' Wichrowski holding on to a metal bar in a cockpit of the Summer Bay on Deadliest Catch
Captain ‘Wild Bill’ Wichrowski is thrown from his seat as a huge wave hits on Deadliest Catch

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch season finale, a generator on the Summer Bay fails in giant seas — leaving Captain “Wild Bill” Wichrowski powerless to control the vessel as huge waves slam it from all sides.

At one point a massive surge hits the side of the vessel, smashing into the cockpit and sending water pouring in through the window as Captain Bill is thrown out of his seat.

The incident happens as he battles 20ft waves and 50-knot winds while struggling to finish his season.

It took place not long after the sinking of the F/V Destination crabbing boat — which was found at the bottom of the Bering Sea after disappearing with six crew on board earlier this year.

An exterior shot shows how much stress the Summer Bay is under in high seas

Pragmatic and cautious, Bill keeps an eye firmly on the roiling seas around his boat as he says: “I’m looking to get my [crab] number and get the hell out of here.”

But then calamity suddenly strikes as a generator alarm sounds off. Left at the mercy of the massive waves, Captain Bill says nervously: “I don’t know how much bigger this is supposed to get, but it’s not a good day to not have power.”

A shot of the huge walls of water that are hitting the Summer Bay

This season on Deadliest Catch The Wizard and Captain Keith Colburn seem to have been hit with the brunt of the Bering Sea wrath.

Capt Keith nearly lost deckhand Crosby Leveen, saw his son Caelan learning the ropes on a treacherous run, nearly capsized and also saw deckhand Gary Soper being kneecapped by a rogue wave.

But now it’s Wild Bill’s turn…

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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