Deadliest Catch exclusive: Southern Wind and Sig Hansen strike agreement to share crab intel

Harley is psyched as pot after pot yields huge crab and they aren't go-backs either! Pic credit: Discovery
Harley is psyched as pot after pot yields huge crab and they aren’t go-backs either! Pic credit: Discovery

Sharing is caring, until huge amounts of crab are at stake and then the deal is reexamined. That’s what we see in this exclusive Deadliest Catch sneak peek.

Southern Wind Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson and Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen apparently made a gentleman’s agreement. But human nature being what it is, you want to play fair until the windfall is so great that the dollar signs blind your altruistic sensibilities.

At least that is what we think is going on with Southern Wind captain seen in this preview of Deadliest Catch.

In the Bering Sea, it’s a fluid playing field, where the good times don’t last long and exactly how Harley relays to Sig about a honey hole of crab remains to be seen. Will he or won’t he? That is the question.

In this exclusive interview with Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson ahead of this season, the two captains were asked about the newcomer, Harley Davidson, to their Deadliest Catch family in Dutch Harbor.

Jake Anderson said: “Steve [Harley Davidson] doesn’t bother me, and Sig and Steve are very good friends. And I know Steve from Sig…we don’t have any problems with Steve, but there are two other cast members we know that have problems with him. One is obviously Keith Colburn, and the other is Casey McManus on the Cornelia Marie, but he’s probably pretty silent about that. I don’t know if you’ll see any of that kind of controversy, but there is tension there between those two boats, but as far as the Northwestern, Saga and Southern Winds go, there’s no issue.”

The veteran captains are prospecting an 800-square mile swath of ocean, working toward each other at different depths to maximize their crab catch efforts.

And Harley is about to find out if his pots hold information worth sharing or if he should keep it to himself.

The clip we have below sees Harley in his captain’s quarters observing, his deckhands and the anticipation hangs thick in the air for the first crab pot being pulled on deck. It’s do or die time!

He says: “Now that I formed that [information sharing] partnership with Sig [Hansen]…I keep question mark on myself.”

So we are now late in the season and the Southern Wind is short on crab for their quotas. This is the reason behind Harley and Sig striking an accord to share intel in hopes that they can cover twice as much ground.

A deal like this would never have been struck with Southern Wind’s nemesis, the Wizard helmed by Captain Keith Colburn.

The risk is there but so are the rewards. Harley says: “Well that’s the agreement anyway. You don’t know [so] let’s see how it goes.”

But all the letdowns during the season fall away as the first pot is full of good crab. Captain Harley says: “Here comes first one let’s see what we get.”

And Harley is about to find out if his pots hold information worth sharing or hoarding. He adds: “This needs to work out for me…yeah.”

The Southern Wind appears to be rewarded with nice-looking crab that are the right size and “clean,” making his deckhands very happy.

The veteran skipper finally hits it big as they count 480 crabs in just one of many stuffed pot s, a decent haul.

Cautiously optimistic,  Harley says: “This string is going really well… but I still need some more!”

Tune in Tuesday to see how the luck holds out for the Southern Wind.

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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