Deadliest Catch exclusive: Sig Hansen evacuated over chest pains a year after heart attack

Sig Hansen looking pale while driving a car on Deadliest Catch
Sig Hansen looking pale while suffering chest pains on Deadliest Catch, a year after his heart attack

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch, Captain Sig Hansen has to be flown to Anchorage in a medical evacuation after suffering chest pains a year after his heart attack.

Watch our exclusive clip below as Sig explains as he drives to a clinic how he is experiencing pains in the left side of his chest.

It comes after the Northwestern’s skipper had a full-blown heart attack while out at sea last season.

The new pains are weighing heavily on his mind as he fears the worst.

Looking pale and tired, he says: “It’s no fun because you’re always thinking about it in the back your mind, and that’s what bothers me. Every day.

“This is like a mind trip, that’s what it is. I feel like I’m a mental basket case right now and that’s not how I should be feeling.”

As Sig gets checked out at the clinic, his younger brother Edgar checks in with former Northwestern deckhand and now captain of the Saga, Jake Anderson.

Looking around inside the captain’s room, a bit of levity ensues as Edgar marvels at the club-like purple lighting Jake has installed while the two banter back and forth.

Then the urgent call comes in from Edgar’s co-worker, deckhand Matt Bradley, who tells Edgar Sig’s electrocardiogram test results are in and that he needs to be flown to Anchorage as a precaution.

Listening in, Jake Anderson looks extremely worried and says: “It doesn’t sound good at all.”

Jake Anderson looking concerned as he listens to Matt Bradley on the radio
Jake’s face shows his concern for Sig’s well-being as he listens to Matt Bradley relay the news

Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s Deadliest Catch below, as the drama unfolds before Sig is flown out on a jet to Anchorage.

But will he be ok? And even if he is, will his health put the rest of his season in jeopardy?

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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