Deadliest Catch exclusive: See the biggest Cornelia Marie crab haul since Capt. Phil Harris’ days

The picture says it all, Josh is in tall cotton as pot after pot is loaded with opelio. Pic credit: Discovery
The picture says it all, Josh is in tall cotton as pot after pot is loaded with opelio. Pic credit: Discovery

Josh Harris is feeling a guardian angel looking after him tonight on Discovery’s Deadliest Catch.

In our exclusive clip, The F/V Cornelia Marie with Captain Josh Harris and Captain Casey McManus is in the middle of the Bering Sea as they pull up pot after pot of crab.

It is opelio crab season and they hit the jackpot.

The season has been an insane ripsaw in the race for crab as opelio crab is the target and the Cornelia Marie deckhands are energized and filled with joy as they bring in loaded pot after pot with thousands of crab bursting at the seams.

This good luck is also making Josh sentimental as he remembers the days his dad Captain Phil Harris was the skipper and the crab hauls were legendary.

As a dramatic score plays in the background, we hear the voice of Josh Harris who says: “We’re on some pretty damn good numbers out here. But I’m hoping it wasn’t a fluke.”

Everyone’s favorite narrator Mike Rowe says in a voice-over: “With a million bucks worth of additional quota within their grasp they need this one-hit wonder to go platinum.”

The crescendo of music builds and the good news rolls in with each stuffed-to-the-gills pot lifted out of the run. It’s insane how bountiful the crab is in this one spot.

On the deck, the crew can be heard hollering and saying: “Yeah that’s a good one baby…” as they observe every pot they bring on board and are whooping it up big time.

They know these full pots mean extremely big payouts when they get back to Dutch Harbor to settle up.

Harris is all smiles and ear-to-ear grins are seen on Casey McManus as Harris says: “Yeah! Boom! That is ridiculous…we’re going to expect this every year!”

He turns to the camera and gives tribute to his late father Captain Phil Harris, a larger than life character who his family, fans, and friends all miss terribly.

Harris says: “Right there… this is the type of numbers I’d see [in] my dad’s book [and] was just like this.”

The narrator then explains that “a good opie pot has at least 200 crab their first haul and that’s nearly quadruple that number.”

Harris notes this is the tops in his career thus far. He says that, as a captain, he has never had such a profitable run of crab consistently pot after pot.

He shows the photo of his late father Captain Phil Harris and says: “Like I keep looking at that picture and he [Captain Phil Harris] keeps looking back at me and he’d probably give me an “atta boy” and he would be like “way to go kid…way to go kid!”

Deadliest Catch airs on Tuesday at 9 pm on Discovery.

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