Deadliest Catch exclusive: Sean Dwyer betrays the Cornelia Marie to cash in on his own

Sean Dwyer and Casey McManus on Deadliest Catch
Sean Dwyer and Casey McManus on Deadliest Catch

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch, there’s a serious chill in the air as the Brenna A’s Sean Dwyer betrays a new alliance with the Cornelia Marie — by failing to share valuable information about where the crab is.

As our exclusive clip shows, the Cornelia Marie’s captain Casey McManus tries to talk to the Brenna A but gets nothing but radio silence. And he and Josh Harris are NOT digging Dwyer’s unwillingness to help them out.

The pair earlier agree to form an alliance with Dwyer, but as they radio through to find out where he’s at we seen him intentionally avoiding picking up his radio to respond.

Refusing to answer their call, he says: “I want to work with Casey but I don’t want to tell one person my secret tips and have it go to the whole fleet.”

Sean Dwyer
Brenna A’s Sean plays a dangerous game of radio silence for fear of being out-fished
Casey McManus
Captain Casey McManus on the Cornelia Marie is not amused by the obvious betrayal

The captains are fiercely protective of lucrative fishing grounds, because this is a competition for a living on top of it being a TV series.

But as the calls remain unanswered, Josh — the son of the late Captain Phil Harris — looks like he’s ready to explode with anger, and he and Casey immediately knows what’s up.

Casey says to Josh after the Brenna A fails to respond: “Looks like somebody may have found some crab, all of a sudden his radio stopped working.”

Looking out at the horizon and then back to Casey, Josh Harris says of the unsportsmanlike behavior by Sean: “Sometimes people don’t give you all the information.

“I’ll tell them everything I know and if I find out people treat me any different, then we’ll obviously have some problems.”

Josh Harris
Josh Harris reveals just how he feels about being stitched up by Sean

Casey adds: “You start pulling that kind of s***, word gets out in the fleet real quick that you’re not good to work with.

“Someday you’ll be sitting there starving, nobody will answer the radio for you.”

But Sean Dwyer is defiant in his decision to ditch the alliance, saying: “I’ve already got a spot picked out, I’m already sat on the meat. We’re already there, we’re fishing right now.

“We’re there, you know? He’s still looking, so f*** it. That’s how that partnership went.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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