Deadliest Catch exclusive: Mandy’s first solo attempt nearly ends in catastrophe on Northwestern

The moment Mandy realized there's code red flashing as the deck hands have a snapped hook. Pic credit: Discovery
The moment Mandy realized there’s code red flashing as the deck hands have a snapped hook. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch, the Northwestern is literally snagged on something that a hook attached to the deck of the ship has caught.

That thing is pretty anchored so the crew on deck are at immediate risk of being hit by a flying piece of heavy steel.

It is up to the captain, Sig Hansen’s daughter Mandy, to take advantage of every opportunity she gets. Sig said in the opening of the episode that this is Mandy’s training program.

The Bering Sea never makes it easy for anybody and Mandy is learning that fast. About 250 miles north of Dutch Harbor, the Northwestern is looking for bairdi crab and have staked a spot away from the pack.

To kick off the hunt, Sig is helping his captain-in-training Mandy and puts the season’s reins in her hands. Her choice is to fire off the bairdi pots and make a go of it in this episode, titled No Ocean For Old Metal.

Sig has decided to challenge Mandy with her first-ever unsupervised set.

What could go wrong?

Red lights and yells from the deck have Mandy at a loss.

The trailer bag was tossed over the rail and the line was caught in the picking hook. Mandy was unaware of what was happening and never slowed the boat down, causing tension to build until it snapped, sending the steel hook towards the crew.

Sig comes flying up from below as commotion was heard all over the boat.

“All I care about is it never happens again,” he tells Mandy, saying it was a teaching moment and he never wants anyone to get hurt on her watch.

“It’s a lot to take in out of the gate when it happens to you,” Sig said.

Meanwhile, the Wizard is also busy on tonight’s episode as the mud pit brawl is behind him as he makes a go for the King crab horde, trying to avoid Captain Harley Davidson.

Keith will edge further out of the mud pit to recoup his gear and expenses he has already racked up. But will the Wizard get its share of the crab haul or will it get tangled up with other pots this week? It remains to be seen.

Who Is Mandy Hansen Pederson?

Captain Sig Hansen is married to June, and he adopted her two daughters Nina and Mandy. Hansen’s youngest daughter is Mandy who graduated from Washington State University and matriculated at the California Maritime Academy to train as a captain.

Over time, she interned on the Northwestern. Now, this season she is working as a novice captain-in-training.

The summer of 2017 saw her marry Northwestern greenhorn Clark Pederson in a Norwegian wedding.

The official logline from Discovery:

A freak accident strikes the Northwestern with Mandy alone at the helm. Josh charts a new course on the Cornelia Marie while Casey sleeps. Lights go out on the Wizard, and Harley’s launcher snaps at the worst moment. How do captains keep greenhorns alive?

Make sure to tune in to tonight’s exciting episode:

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel

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