Deadliest Catch exclusive: Jake sounds alarms as the biggest wave ever hits the Saga

On tonight’s gripping episode of Discovery’s hit series Deadliest Catch – the F/V Saga is slammed with a rogue wave in the middle of the Bering Sea.

This season, Jake Anderson’s Saga has struggled with wins and misses in his bid to catch crab in the numbers he needed to meet his quota.

But through the season he has had sage fishing advice from seasoned pro captains Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern and Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard, all of whom look out for the former greenhorn who worked under Hansen on the F/V Northwestern.

Deadliest Catch fans know that Anderson was hired by Sig Hansen back in 2007 and his past is a tough one as Anderson has suffered terribly during the course of the show — losing his sister to complications from pneumonia, and his father in a terrible accident.

The initial slamming of the wave on the F/V Saga sees the crew scramble as Anderson sounds alarms
The initial slamming of the wave on the F/V Saga sees the crew scramble as Anderson sounds alarms

Tonight one of the biggest waves ever is poised to hit the decks of the F/V Saga as Anderson sounds the alarms and warned the deckhands that the wave is about to strike.

The impact is one of the worst in the show's long history
The impact is one of the worst in the show’s long history

The force of the wave is enough to knock the men off the ship and into the Bering Sea. It is also a strong enough force to send the metal pots flying about and possibly kill one of the crew.

Concerned for his crewmates, captain Jake Anderson is one of the Discovery Channel’s favorites and Deadliest Catch is consistently a top show.

The series features a seasoned group of brave fisherman who all depart from Dutch Harbor and head out into the Bering Sea during peak crab fishing times throughout the year.  These hardy souls really do risk their lives at sea.

Some of the captains, like the late Phil Harris, still have diehard fans and his sons, namely Josh Harris, have picked up where their dad left on the Cornelia Marie.

Anderson is the fishing captain of F/V Saga and he’s been part of the show since 2007. Now sober, he lives with his wife and family in the Seattle, Washington area.

Back in 2012, Jake married Jenna and all seemed well up until 2017, when they had a medical scare.

Anderson, back at home with his wife Jenna after his fall fishing season was over, was given a dire initial pregnancy prognosis that fortunately turned out to be incorrect.

Jenna, who called Anderson on the boat to share the news of her second pregnancy, went to her doctor’s office with Jake to have an ultrasound or sonogram. But based on initial observations of the sonogram, the doctor said part of their baby’s neck appeared “a little thick.”

“It could be…indicative of something like Down’s Syndrome,” the doctor told her adding that she needed to look at Jenna’s blood work for a diagnosis.

Those results revealed the baby was in fact healthy.

Jake has been through the ringer with hardships. Back in 2009, his sister, only 37 years old, had passed away from complications with pneumonia. Jake was aboard the Northwestern when he learned the news.

In 2012, Jake’s father, Keith, was reported as missing and had vanished. He never returned from a trip and his remains were later found one mile from where his truck had been located.

Hopefully, the good luck cycle for Anderon keeps going as the wave looks to be one of the largest in Deadliest Catch show history.

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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