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Deadliest Catch exclusive: Hillstrand hijinks in ‘midnight rendezvous’ with The Wizard

The Wizard crew are good sports as they amuse the Time bandit crew at midnight
The Wizard crew are good sports as they amuse The Time Bandit’s crew at midnight

Tonight’s Deadliest Catch sees us in rough waters 190 miles east of Dutch Harbor — but that doesn’t stop the crews of The Time Bandit and The Wizard enjoying some friendly tomfoolery on the Bering Sea.

Watch our exclusive clip below as we get some classic hijinks from The Time Bandit’s Hillstrand brothers despite the dangers of the big rolling waves and frigid conditions.

They have something that Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard needs and the two boats meet up at sea in what Captain Andy Hillstrand describes as a “midnight rendezvous”.

But it isn’t going to be handed over without some stipulations…

FV Time Bandit is co-captained by brothers Johnathan and Andy, with the pair known for their pranks and sense of humor.

Now they have devised a way to get Captain Keith’s goat — or at the very least amuse themselves!

After making a 30 mile detour, they have delivered a needed part to the Wizard and Captain Keith. Jonathan picks up the horn and gives Captain Keith a ringy-dingy on the bat-phone.

Cue the midnight madness!

Johnathan Hillstrand calls Capt. Keith on the radio from The Time Bandit

Johnathan says: “We want to see some dancing!”

Dancing?  The crew is like, “WTF? It’s midnight and freezing cold out here!”

But The Time Bandit aren’t handing the needed part over to The Wizard until somebody busts a move.

Keith tells his crew the dancing orders are real, but they take a while to get going

Captain Keith barks some orders.

The Wizard’s crew proceed to demonstrate some of the worst dance moves known to man.

But then The Time Bandit are in for a surprise of their own…

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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