Deadliest Catch exclusive: Fire breaks out on the Brenna A

Sean and the fire on the Brenna A
Sean is about to finish a thought when the alarms ring out on the Brenna A. Pic credit: Discovery

It’s all hands on deck on tonight’s Deadliest Catch on Discovery — as the Brenna A catches fire and captain Sean Dwyer swings into full panic mode.

Watch Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip below as Sean races into action after alarm bells ring out right in the middle of an interview with the show’s camera crew.

The footage shows Dwyer talking about how he needs about 330,000 pounds of crab to make his season, so the stress is on…before the alarm starts blaring and he leaps out of his chair.

He rousts the rest of the crew and runs down to the engine room where flames are visibly licking upward, not a sight you want to see below deck.

A likable captain, Sean Dwyer is besties with Captain Jake Anderson (F/V Saga) and the youngest of all the captains in the fleet. He has been a commercial fisherman sine he was in short pants and followed the footsteps of his father Pat Dwyer.

Before helming the Brenna A, Sean was engineer on the Jennifer A. His dad’s dying wish was that he return to life aboard the Brenna A where he can make a great living crabbing in the cold waters out of Dutch Harbor.

Sean became a fully fledged captain back in 2012, and he has since made a mark alongside Sig, Keith and Wild Bill, the old men of the sea. Since he became a crab captain he has purchased his own quota out from underneath Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski and is now looking to buy a third boat, the F/V Determined.

He is known throughout the fleet as being agreeable, funny, loyal and trustworthy…but also, at times, a bit “calculating and manipulative”.

The Brenna A is this season’s wildcard for quotas, with Sean often conferring with Jake to find locations rich with crab to fish.

On tonight’s episode we learn that while four boats were able to get the early jump on the winter season, the rest of the fleet is prepping to pull into Dutch Harbor, all of them dealing with what is described as “unprecedented amounts of ice” in order to tank over a billion in Opilio.

Wild Bill hopes to catch his quota with his four new deckhands…but when veteran deckboss Nick McGlashan rolls an ankle the workflow and outcomes are not so certain.

On the Wizard, Monte Colburn wants to fly home and visit his ailing father, but work comes first as he has to capture 130,000 pounds of Bairdi.

Then on the Southern Wind, Harley Davidson is optimistic about his nephew now made into a deckhand, but this kid has never been on a boat before. And when this new greenhorn quickly poops out, the crew is not so sure the grand plan is going to work out.

Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode below. Will this smoking bilge pump on the Brenna A derail Sean’s trip right out of the gate? Tune in to find out!


Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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