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Deadliest Catch exclusive: Crew pulls huge prank on Sig Hansen

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch on Discovery, Captain Sig Hansen is unaware he is about to be pranked big time!

The show sees Sig preparing to pass the captaining part of his duties on the Northwestern over to his brother Edgar, but letting go is hard to do for this feisty Norwegian-American cappy.

In our exclusive clip, Edgar cooks up a plan to prank his brother with a plan that also involves his son-in-law, greenhorn Clark Pederson — who last season asked Sig’s daughter Mandy Hansen to marry him.

Edgar Hansen
Edgar tells Clark about his plan to prank his brother

Looking sheepish, Pederson admits to the camera: “I don’t really want to do it [prank Sig]…but when you’re a little man on the totem pole you kind of got to do what the deck boss says!”

Clark Pederson
Clark is being swept into Edgar’s prank plans for Sig

Edgar then sends Clark to do the deed. Realizing that resistance is futile with the determined Edgar prodding him, Clark heads to the Captain’s deck …as narrator Mike Rowe put it, ‘”to poke the bear.”

Clark then breaks some news that Sig has no idea how to handle, telling him: “I just got a text message, Mandy’s pregnant!”

Sig is apoplectic about this shocking news, which is a complete curveball from left field.

He yells at Clark: “Come on!!! Well, I don’t know, I mean…I’m happy. What about school and all this other stuff? She’s supposed to be captain on a big boat…I thought she was all excited about that?”

Looking grim, Sig lights a cigarette before staring at Clark with a glare, saying: “You’re not messing with me?”

Clark senses he’s gone about as far as he can with this prank, after seeing Sig’s pained reaction. But he continues with it for just a little longer, saying: “I just found out…I’m like, I’m a little bit scared dude.”

Sig looks like someone just told him he owes the I.R.S. six figures. Looking resigned and still processing this news, he says: “Yeah…I don’t know. I can’t tell you guys what to do.”

Meanwhile, Edgar and the guys are eavesdropping and tittering with laughter as all this drama is unfolding in the captain’s cabin with Sig.

Looking a bit worried, Clark knows he cannot push this ruse with Sig any further. Laughing, he suddenly reveals all and says to him: “I was coaxed into it, I’m sorry, are you pissed at me?” Understatement of the year.

Sig Hansen
Sig’s look of utter shock when he hears Clark’s “bombshell news”

Sig flips before chasing Clark right out of his captain’s cabin room — throwing something at him as he makes a break for it before shouting: “Are you serious?! Oh my god, oh my god!”

Also tonight, The Wizard boat which is helmed by Captain Keith Colburn is facing a dangerous situation as his ship is flooding from a collision void, and a missing boat part leaves Captain Jake Anderson in deep water trouble and stuck in the Bering Sea waiting on help.

Make sure to tune in to see what Sig does to Edgar for this practical joke with Clark!

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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