Deadliest Catch exclusive: Cornelia Marie crew flame a bad juju t-shirt

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch on Discovery, Josh Harris is left wondering what’s causing all his bad luck — and decides that it’s a t-shirt belonging to greenhorn Taylor Jensen!

There’s some bad juju hanging over the F/V Cornelia Marie, and captain Josh says he has to exorcise it from his fishing vessel.

The bad aura apparently emanates from a crusty old t-shirt worn constantly by greenhorn Jensen.

Harris calls his crew together in our exclusive clip and asks Jensen: “Isn’t that the same shirt you’ve whacked your head in twice? That shirt is bad juju, just talking about it…it was already fighting back and that shirt has got to go.”

Josh Harris
Captain Josh Harris is done with the string of bad luck aboard his ship and enacts a plan

Collectively, Casey McManus, Josh Harris and rest of the Cornelia Marie crew all decide it is time to light Taylor’s shirt on fire in a ceremony on deck to end their cycle of bad fishing and very odd onboard mishaps and dangerous injuries.

A few weeks back, Jensen suffered a real life-threatening accident when a 30-lb steel hook came out of left field and whacked him in his head. He never saw it coming when a fellow deckhand accidentally hit him with the hook.

The blow really dazed him and it took what seemed to be a half a minute for him to rebound before he resumed his duty of sorting the live crab just dumped out of the pots. But some blood was soon seen trickling down his forehead and Captain Casey McManus, who has EMT experience, tended to his injuries.

On that episode, Captain Josh Harris praised Jensen’s hard work and stiff upper lip despite his injury, but he is not having any more accidents or bad luck strike anyone on the Cornelia Marie if he can help it. Even though this seems a silly fix, sailors and fishermen are some of the most superstitious people out there and they do not like anything conceived as bad luck on board their ships and boats.

The crew takes Jensen’s t-shirt up to the deck after deciding it is time to light it up.

Harris is watching all of this from the captain’s room and says: “Keep it safe out there gentlemen, you gotta get rid of that shirt.”

“It’s unanimous,” says narrator Mike Rowe. The run of bad fishing, lack of crab honey holes and injuries are due to Taylor Jensen’s t-shirt infecting the boat with bad vibes — and it must come to an end.

Casey McManus lights up the t-shirt to ostensibly cleanse the boat of the bad luck.

Jensen's t-shirt
Casey McManus and the F/V Cornelia Marie Crew light up Jensen’s bad juju shirt

Harris says: “The bad luck does not want to disappear…kinda just hanging on for life, isn’t it?”

Finally, after nearly setting the side of the boat on fire, the flaming t-shirt is jettisoned and lands into the Bering Sea as the crew rejoices that their offending shirt is overboard.

Watch to see if Harris’s plan to eradicate the bad juju shirt works for the Cornelia Marie tonight!

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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