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Deadliest Catch exclusive: Chaos on the Saga as crew have full-on fist fight

Sean hits Hannes with his arm in the face
Sean hits Hannes with his arm before a full-on fight breaks out on this week’s Deadliest Catch

Things get crazy aboard the Saga on this week’s Deadliest Catch — as crew-members Sean Dunlop and Hannes Huswick erupt in a massive fist-fight.

Our exclusive clip below sees Sean hit Hannes in the face before Hannes retaliates and grapples him to the ground.

It takes another crew member to split up the pair, while Sean repeatedly growls at Hannes saying: “Do you want to get killed? Do you want to get killed?”

The fight kicks off after Hannes and co-worker Dean Gribble return to the boat after four hours frequenting the local bars.

But their absence hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the Saga crew — especially Sean Dunlop, who says the pair can both be easily replaced.

Sean reveals his anger to the cameras at Hannes’s cavalier attitude

Clearly irate and ready to rage, Sean says: “The kids are at the bar…I’m sitting here working. This s*** really pisses me off.”

Hannes is obviously in doesn’t care mode as he blows off producers’ questions as to his whereabouts, telling them dismissively: “Doesn’t matter where I’ve been.”

Hannes arrives back on the boat, but isn’t playing ball

Off camera, we can hear Sean saying: “I don’t know where he thinks he’s at, but he’s getting real big for his little britches that little f***.”

The pair then have a tense stand-off before Sean shoves his finger in Hannes’s face saying: “You going to argue with me? Little punk.

“Get out my face, get out of here, boy! Get out of my face, go talk to Jake…GET OUT OF MY FACE, you really piss me off.”

Sean puts his finger in Hannes's face
Sean provokes Hannes with a finger to the face

He then lays into Hannes with a full-on arm to the head before a fight ensues, as Sean yells: “Beat it, kid, move it, get the f*** out of here! Do you wanna get killed? Do you wanna get killed? You gonna get f***** up boy.”

Hannes stands above Sean as the pair fight
Hannes momentarily gets the upper hand as the pair grapple

They roll around on the floor throwing punches until deckhand Austin Brockie arrives on the scene and pulls them apart.

Saga captain Jake Anderson then shows up, as Sean says of Hannes: “He’s a f****** little punk!”

Watch the clip below as sparks fly…

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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