Deadliest Catch exclusive: Captain Keith’s honey hole is a dud while waves slam Wizard

The moment of impact as massive waves hit the Wizard. Pic credit; Discovery
The moment of impact as massive waves hit the Wizard. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s edition of Deadliest Catch, it may be summer where you are but for the captains in the fleet, there’s a wicked storm brewing in the Bering Sea.

Our exclusive Deadliest Catch clip opens with the deckhands of Captain Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard – the largest boat in the fleet – suffering as massive waves slam relentlessly while Keith tries to keep them safe and from being tossed overboard by a rogue wave.

It’s a hard job and requires the captain ‘s full attention. The safety of his crew is most important.

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This season of Deadliest Catch has been one exciting exclusive preview after the next for Monsters & Critics as we get a glimpse and a bird’s eye view of what life is like on board a crabbing boat. We’ve been able to watch the perils and the moments of absolute joy when the massive steel pots are lifted from a designated fishing spot loaded with crab.

But this bit of fishing area is a complete waste of everyone’s time. Captain Keith’s “honey hole is a dud” as we watch the huge waves slam the Wizard.

Tyler is on deck and he says that the pots have no crab. He and the men are not pleased with their current predicament and let Keith know that the area is not worth the effort.

Standing on deck while the waves crash all around him in his heaviest rain gear, Tyler says: “So we seem to be stuck in the thick of this storm, and we are also not hauling s**t for crab. This is a pretty lose-lose scenario. The biomass is just real small out here. Who knows, that’s why they don’t pay me the big bucks, I stand out on deck and freeze my a** off.”

Captain Keith is resigned to the fact that his once sweet “honey hole” where crab usually were found is now a dead canyon of no crab stock. All he can do at this point is get his pots up, keep his men safe and find a new place to fish.

Tune in tonight to see how the F/V Wizard fares, how the others in the fleet handle this weather and how they stack up with the crab hauls.

Meanwhile, Captain Keith Colburn is one of the more social media active cast members of the long-running series. He recently offered a signed hat to a lucky fan and then announced the winner on Twitter.

In fact, he is offering giveaways on all of his social media platforms including his Facebook page:

And even his Instagram page:

Make sure to tune in to see how all on the Wizard fare during this massive storm:

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday at 9 pm on Discovery.

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