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Deadliest Catch exclusive: Capt. Keith watches as Caelan learns the treacherous ropes

Caelan is very happy he has the timing groove of the buoys and the pots on deck

On last Tuesday’s episode of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, viewers watched as Captain Keith Colburn’s greenhorn son Caelan Colburn was taken ill on deck, practically collapsing while violently vomiting as he tried to complete the day’s work.

Now this week and under the watchful eye of his father and his Uncle Monty, Caelan is learning the ropes – literally – of how to properly toss the 800lb pots and buoys without becoming tangled up in the flying metal that could pull him to a fast and certain death.

Our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode shows Caelan on deck as his father Keith is both concerned and proud as can be watching his son take to the dangerous task like a fish to water from the Captain’s chair.

Captain Keith says: “Caelan’s gonna have to step up and do exactly everything he’s supposed to do just like the last greenhorn who was on the boat before him, and that also means that Caelan’s never thrown bags. He’s going to have to start throwing bags. He’s like starting right now.”

Once the pot goes over Caelan’s responsible for getting the 25 pound set of buoys (and bags) into the water.

Captain Keith recalls his own experience as a newbie: “I was throwing the buoys and I got tangled up in the buoys and almost getting pulled over the side of the boat. So he needs to really take that job seriously.”

Captain Keith expresses his concerns for Caelan and shares a story about his tangled days as a greenhorn

Of all the dangers deckhands face none can strike more quickly than a line attached to a sinking 800-pound crab pot.

Watching his every move is Uncle Monty who cautions a pumped up Caelan: “Okay, now let it do its thing,” about the pots systematically going one by one over the side.

Uncle Monty is right at the ready for Caelan if anything should go south

Relieved at seeing Caelan seems to understand the rhythm of the deck, Captain Keith says of his son: “You know, I think he’s doing okay. It’s a good sign. You see the guys smiling and you don’t hear them yelling, that’s the sign that the greenhorn is doing his job.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday at 9:00 PM on Discovery

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