DC Universe streaming service trailer dropped and it just blew our freaking minds

Batman makes an appearance in the new trailer for the DC Universe streaming service
DC Universe finally reveals the trailer for the highly anticipated streaming service

DC Comics is finally answering questions many have had about their long-awaited streaming service. Although they have begun filming material for shows they planned to launch, there was no actual word on when the service would come out.

After two years of development, our friends (and foes) from the DC Universe will finally be available via a streaming service dedicated to them. Thankfully, they decided to stop messing with our minds and put out a trailer for the DC Universe service.

During the trailer, which is far too short, it gives away a lot of cool things that will be coming to the service. We sort of knew that they were already planning out two Teen Titans shows for a return. One being a live-action Titans television show, and the much-anticipated Young Justice Season 3, which they are calling Young Justice: Outsiders.

This was not the only thing that they gave away in the trailer, oh no. The DC Universe trailer also threw out that they were bringing in other shows that none of us saw coming.

One of them is the Doom Patrol, which is a team led by Cyborg. This could help him graduate into the Teen Titans team, due to Cyborg’s connection to the group.

If that wasn’t enough, a few animated shows are expected to be coming as well. One is an animated show about Harley Quinn, with the premise being that she wants to join the Legion of Doom.

She has to prove herself as someone that the Legion can think about as worthy. The show is going to be using Quinn’s friends to hopefully help her prove her case. That means we could see Poison Ivy and Catwoman in the show to help her out.

DC Universe will focus on another in an animated show with the character Swamp Thing. Obviously one of the most well-known characters in all of DC Comics, Swamp Thing is a character we all know and love.

Yet for some reason, we have not seen much on him the last number of years outside of one small animated movie role. Just in case you were wondering, all of this is not enough for DC it seems.

DC Universe also planning to put older movies, both animated and live-action, on the streaming service. The trailer shows movies like The Dark Knight, Flashpoint, and a number of others that people know and love.

Young Justice Season 3 pic
New and current members of the Young Justice Season 3 series

The plan is to eventually put the Arrowverse television shows in Supergirl, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash on the service eventually. They have a deal with Netflix right now and once that expires we’ll likely see DC put it on the service, possibly starting with the older seasons.

DC Universe is also planning to add some digital comics to the platform. They’re calling it a “rotating selection” that will include a number of both newer and older comics.

They touted some like Action Comics #1 and a number of other famous comic book stories from the last near 100 years. Obviously, this is clearly worth it for any comic book nerd, ourselves included.

The BETA for the DC Universe service starts this August, so people can sign up now at their website. As for when the shows will launch, it appears that they’re doing the BETA for August to give fans something to look at and know what the service is about.

By fall, we’re going to be getting the newer shows which is where the money will come into play. It appears Titans will launch first, but most of the animated TV shows will launch in early 2019.

It is said that they are sitting on Young Justice Season 3, as it’s ready to go right now. Yet they won’t put it out at this moment or during the live-action show, understandably.

Obviously, for any fan of DC Comics or the comic book world in general, this is a huge deal. As of now, no price has been dropped on the DC Universe service but we’ll likely know more about this during Comic-Con soon.

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