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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Marlena injects Will, Theresa shocks Eve and Brady, Kate is caught!

Kate on Days of our Lives
On Days of our Lives Kayla catches Kate doing something irregular

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday June 12, 2018 episode of the NBC super sudser reveal that lives are on the line as dangerous procedures get underway!

A desperate Will (Chandler Massey) convinces Marlena (Deidre Hall) that he’s ready for the truth and willing to risk his life in order to become whole again. Of course she’s a psychiatrist, but also his grandmother. Is she supposed to be performing life-altering procedures on him?

It’s a rhetorical question since she does indeed take a big old horse-sized syringe (is there any other kind on soaps?) and injects him with its murky contents. It’s a recipe from dear old Dr. Rolf, the mad scientist who brought Will back to life after the Necktie Killer killed him. Don’t try to unpack the logistics!

Elsewhere, plucky Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) spies something out of the ordinary: As in juicy blackmail material! What is Kate (Lauren Koslow) up to that doesn’t quite pass the smell test?

Meanwhile bad girl Theresa (Jen Lilley) drops a bombshell of epic proportions on her shocked loved ones. Brady and Eve are left saying, “she’s doing what?!”

Of course that’s par for the course when dealing with Theresa, but when she says she moving in a former enemy of the male persuasion, several heads do a 360 degree rotation!

What is the scheming vixen up to now? No good as usual, but will Brady figure out her ploy before it’s too late?

Will we soon see the last of Aussie bad boy Xander (Paul Telfer)? He has some scorching hot blackmail evidence against Victor (John Aniston) in his grimy little paws. But The Naked Torso may be willing to delay gratification and instead wrap up some unfinished business in Mexico.

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Days of Our Lives airs on weekdays on NBC.

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