David Wright from Survivor: Does he have a girlfriend?

David Wright on Survivor: Edge of Extinction
David Wright on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Pic credit: CBS

David Wright really wants to win Survivor, so much so that he’s been on the show two times. Edge of Extinction is the second time that David has appeared. He was first seen during Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

David made it to the final four before losing during his first time on the show. This time, he became the seventh member of the Survivor jury. He also still has a chance to return to the main tribe during the Survivor season finale on May 15. Will he fulfill his dream of becoming Sole Survivor?

Lately, fans were not asking about his performance on the show, though, as many were asking about his relationship status.

Does David Wright have a girlfriend?

Ahead of Survivor Season 38 getting started, David did interviews for CBS and other news organizations. He referenced his girlfriend a number of times during the press interactions.

In the photo above, which David shared to Twitter, he is enjoying some time with his girlfriend’s dog. He posts a lot of social media pictures where he’s posing with that dog and often posts the dog by itself.

Every so often, David will post a picture that includes his girlfriend in it. The one shared below from Instagram is an example of one that has David, their dog, and his girlfriend in the same photo.

What isn’t clear is the identity of David Wright’s girlfriend. He doesn’t post photos with her often and doesn’t tag her in them either.

Who is David Wright on Survivor?

Before taking part in the reality competition show, David worked in television. He has written for shows like Malcolm in the Middle, Family Guy, Suddenly Susan, The Replacements, and Supah Ninjas.

Bringing back David Wright to the Survivor cast was a good decision by producers, as he is fun to watch on the show. While he may not end up bring the Edge of Extinction winner, it’s possible that he could have some interesting comments to make during the Survivor season finale.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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