David and Kendall from Paradise Hotel: Are they still together?

David and Kendall from Paradise Hotel
Are David and Kendall from Paradise Hotel still together? Pic credit: David Barta/Instagram

With only four couples remaining during Thursday night’s airing of the season finale of Fox’s Paradise Hotel, host Kristin Cavallari asked them to attend a group dinner on the beach.

While they were having dinner, Cavallari appeared and revealed that they would be voting one couple off the show.

After they voted, Kristin revealed the couple voted out of Paradise Hotel was the duo of David and Kendall.

The result of the vote was not surprising since each of the contestants chose to vote out the couple they considered the most significant threat. David and Kendall were the show’s power couple and fan favorites.

They had also established a deep connection, and all the other contestants viewed them as a threat.

David and Kendall were quite upset when Kristin revealed the opposition voted them off the show, but they put up a brave front. David tried to console Kendall, saying that although neither of them was taking away the grand prize of $250,000, they had found each other and that was more than the money.

“It’s alright. I’ve been looking for Kendall for a really long time,” David said, “and I’ve finally found her here.”

But Kendall was still upset.

“I think we’ve found the most genuine connection here out of everybody, and this just sucks,” she said.

David said he wanted them to stay together after leaving the show and go back home together (David and Kendall are from California). They kissed, and it seemed that Kendall shared David’s feelings.

She said that meeting David was a blessing, but she was disappointed they were leaving because she had hoped they would make it to the end together.

Unfortunately, Jair spoiled the moment between David and Kendall when he said he urgently needed to use the restroom.

David and Kendall immediately packed their things and left. But the apparent strong connection between them left an impression, and many fans have been wondering whether the two have stayed together since leaving Paradise Hotel.

A fan voiced the question that was on the minds of thousands of fans.

“So sad you guys didn’t win! Are you guys still together though?” the fan asked Kendall on Instagram.

If you’ve also been wondering whether David and Kendall are still together, here is what we know.

Are David and Kendall still together?

We know that David and Kendall traveled back to California together after they left Paradise Hotel. David posted a photo of himself with Kendall on their way back to California. The photo shows them holding hands and looking happy together.

“Mr. and Ms. California on our way back from Paradise!! Can you guess what we’re smiling about?” David captioned the Instagram photo.

David later posted a photo teasing the show’s season finale. The photo shows the guys posing for a group photo.

“Which of these guys will walk away $250,000 richer tomorrow night?? Tune in Thursday night to the season finale of @paradisehotelfox.”

To his credit, David did not appear to be nursing bad feelings towards the other guys who voted him out of the show.

He later posted another photo teasing the season finale. The photo shows him with Kendall while they were still in the Paradise Hotel.

“Together since Day [One]. See how Kendall and I t(werk) our way through the @paradisehotelfox season finale tonight.”

Based on David’s Instagram posts, it is clear that he is keen on maintaining his connection with Kendall. However, Kendall has not been posting photos showing her together with David.

But her comments on Paradise Hotel and the happy smile on her face in the photo David posted showing them returning home together lead us to believe the two are still together.

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