Girl with autism shares magical moment with adorable pup on Finding Fido

Watch an exclusive clip from the season finale of Finding Fido on Z Living — as a girl with autism shares a magical moment with an adorable pup after they meet for the first time.

The episode sees single mom Antoinette seek out the help of New York Times Best-Selling Author and renowned pet photographer Seth Casteel to find the perfect furry companion for her daughter Neveah.

Antoinette wants a dog with the right combination of calm, focus and energy, to increase her own activity levels, while also potentially serving as a therapy dog for Neveah, who has autism.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip from the Finding Fido finale, Neveah is shown meeting cute pup Annie, a former stray, for the first time — as they share an immediate bond.

Antoinette describes the moment as “magical”, adding: “I was over the moon at how my daughter reacted to the dog.”

Neveah meets Annie
Neveah meets Annie for the first time on the season finale of Finding Fido

However, because she wants to make sure the pet they end up with has the perfect combination of what they’re looking for, Seth — the photographer behind the uber-popular Underwater Dogs phenomenon — takes them to ‘Paradise Ranch’, which is essentially a water park for dogs.

Antoinette hopes she and Neveah can enjoy some fun, water-based activities with whichever dog they take on in the future, so Seth wants to put Annie to the test in the water park to make sure she’s the right fit.

After going inside, Annie is initially a bit hesitant, but only until Seth brings out his secret ingredient — LOTS more dogs for Annie to play with!

The season finale of Finding Fido airs tonight at 8pm ET/PT on Z Living. 

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