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Dating Naked: Hip-thrust croquet and tandem biking in the buff

Natalie and “Magic J” Joel play hip-thrust croquet on tonight’s Dating Naked on VH-1

What’s that between his legs on tonight’s Dating Naked on VH-1? As Natalie puts it, “a big thing of wood”.

Natalie goes on two dates in tonight’s show, exotic dancer “Magic J” Joel and a tall redhead, while fellow main-dater David goes on a nude tandem bike ride with his date Jaclyn.

But it’s Natalie and Joel’s time together that is likely to be the most entertaining to watch, as the pair play “hip-thrust croquet” in the buff.

The game see you tie a mallet (the “big thing of wood”) to a cloth wrapped around your midriff, which you then swing about to hit a ball through hoops.

Natalie finds it hard not to get distracted as Joel wiggles his bum around as she ties his cloth on, and then the fun begins.

It seems there never was quite as good a game for innuendo as hip-thrust croquet. Natalie says after playing for a short while: “I give so much credit to guys right now. Having this long hard wood attached to you…it’s difficult!”

Natalie and Joel also get close as he takes a fancy to her hands. But the highlight of the preview video below is definitely Natalie’s naked crab dance as she kind of scuttles across the sand with joy after getting the ball through the hoop.

She later says: “I think Magic J is so easy-going and he’s just somebody I want to learn about. I had so much fun!”

Meanwhile, David takes the front seat as him and Jaclyn go on a tandem bike ride — giving Jaclyn the chance to sneak a few peaks at his behind, which she readily admits to, saying: “He certainly has a cute butt.”

Joel says Jaclyn was initially “closed off” and he had to carry the conversation to start with, but he seemed more concerned about his crown jewels than anything else.

Joel said: “Men are never supposed to ride bikes naked. You’ve got to make sure you protect your assets…and your front sets!”

Watch tonight’s episode to see the full dates — and watch as David becomes jealous of Natalie’s romantic connections.

Dating Naked airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH-1.

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