Dating Naked finale: Natalie and David smooch but alarm bells are ringing

David and Natalie have an intimate chat on this week's season finale of Dating Naked
David and Natalie have an intimate chat on this week’s season finale of Dating Naked

In Dating Naked this week it’s the Season 3 finale — and while Natalie and David enjoy some naked smooching, it looks like she could be putting him in the Friend Zone.

David is super-keen as the pair enjoy an intimate chat in a hammock with glasses of white wine a day ahead of the big decision where they have to choose which man or woman wooed them over.

David is adamant that he’s totally into Natalie, and even serenades her the romantic song he wrote about her – leading to the lip-on-lip (no tongues) action.

But Natalie appears emotionally confused and when she mentions the dreaded “Friend Zone”, alarm bells start ringing for David.

He says: “Friend Zone? I don’t like that zone.”

He adds: “I’m putting myself in a position where I know what I want, and I’m nervous about being vulnerable and putting myself in a position to be so open, and be so disappointed.”

David then tells Natalie: “I know that regardless to who the selection is in elimination we’ll still leave here with each other. It just depends on how we leave here with each other, and that’s the big decision that we have to make.”

Natalie says: “I’ve always known that I like David, but I never really was tested on where I want David and I to be — which makes this date even more intense.”

She adds: “David knows me more than any man on this island, and I don’t want to lose that.”

She breaks down as she tells him: “I always want you in my life forever. You just made me such a better person.

“It’s like that fear that if things don’t work out, then sometimes people aren’t in their lives any more. I could never see myself without you, and that’s what scares me.”


Dating Naked airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH-1.

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