Dance Moms: Mayhem as Abby Lee Miller continues to favor minis

The mime routine on this week's Dance Moms
The mime routine on this week’s Dance Moms — but will that shut the moms up?

The mayhem between the minis and the elites on Dance Moms continues this week — as Abby Lee Miller tries to ease tensions but continues to favor the youngsters.

Following last week’s fight between the two group’s moms Abby attempts to unify them by assigning them duets.

But with her backing steadfastly behind the minis the elites are left alone to do the choreography for their own performance.

But the pressure rises when Abby decides to give the first solo of the season to a dancer in the winning duet — but that kind of thing is obviously going to lead to jealousy if the history of Dance Moms is anything to go by.

And some of the moms are getting totally fed up with all the chaos. Nia’s mother Holly says: “The crazy has to stop.”

Why would Abby come up with a routine that involves mime? To shut them all up of course!

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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