D Smoke: Who is the winner of Rhythm + Flow on Netflix?

D Smoke from Rhythm + Flow
D Smoke from Rhythm + Flow. Pic credit: Netflix

The hip hop reality show competition has come to an end this week after several emotional episodes where talented artists battled for a chance at a quarter-million-dollar grand prize.

The final three episodes saw the contestants make samples, work with R&B singers, and collaborate with major mainstream producers to make a winning track. And as hard as rappers like Londynn B, Troyman, and Flawless RealTalk worked to make a winning track, D Smoke took home the grand prize.

The Inglewood rapper displayed versatility in music with being hands-on in beat production, to playing the guitar and piano. When the show was over, he never lacked confidence in his ability to perform.

But who is D Smoke and where can Netflix viewers hear more of his music? Here is everything to know about the winner of Rhythm + Flow.

Who is the winner of Rhythm + Flow? D Smoke rapper background explained

The Inglewood rapper explains in the series that he had a turbulent childhood with his father going to prison when Smoke was quite young. When his father got released, the family turned things around and got heavily involved in art and scholastics.

As seen from the show, D Smoke is a teacher and can speak multiple languages which is why he infuses Spanish into his raps.

The confident rapper also has various forms of social media and links that can be found online. He has an Instagram where he shows off more of his piano skills as well as promoting his presence on Rhythm + Flow. However, he seems to be way more active on Twitter, where he has conveyed his love for Nipsey Hussle and promoted various passion projects.

Fans can also find more of his musical talents via Soundcloud, where he has 34 tracks for their listening pleasure.


Where can viewers find D Smoke’s song Last Supper?

Those who have seen Rhythm + Flow’s finale witnessed D Smoke bringing the house down with his extremely catchy booming track Last Supper. The performance was so captivating, not a single judge had a complaint during their discussions about him when deciding the winner.

But where can Netflix viewers play D Smoke’s Last Supper? Well, right now on Spotify, the final four contestants have all their songs available to stream for fans.

Here is the Spotify link for D Smoke’s Last Supper below:

The talented artist also has three other tracks listed on his Spotify page including Let Migo from Rhythm + Flow, Paranoia, and Saida. After his well-earned win, his library of music will undoubtedly grow.

All 10 episodes of Rhythm + Flow are now streaming on Netflix.

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