Cynthia Wells from My 600-lb Life: New update shows how happy mom looks now

On tonight’s My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, we see the progress made by former participant in the show Cynthia Wells.

In the clip above, Cynthia has made amazing strides in her weight loss goals motivated by a mother’s love for her daughter.

Back in 2017, My 600-lb Life aired ‘Cynthia’s Story’ which introduced us to the Oklahoma City native. Cynthia weighed in at 610-lb at the time. A single mother, she is raising five children, two of whom are her biological children and three who are her cousin’s.

One of her jobs is that she works as a special needs teacher. But we saw in the episode that it was a heartbreaking existence for her given her weight and challenges in mobility.

Specifically, it was the clips we witnessed that showed Cynthia being unable to see her daughter Ukiah at dance recitals that were the toughest to watch.

Cynthia recognized her limitations and how it was negatively affecting her children, so she pursued gastric bypass surgery with expert Dr. Younan Nowzaradan down in Houston, Texas.

In one scene, after dropping off Ukiah at dance class, Cynthia says: “I want to be there for my kids; that’s what a parent is supposed to do.”

Cynthia Wall
Before her weight loss, Cynthia was heartbroken she could not go see Ukiah dance

It goes without saying that Ukiah Wells is ecstatic that Cynthia can now finally make it to a dance rehearsal. For years her mother tearfully watched Ukiah through windows as she was so large she was unable to walk into the dance halls to actually witness her performances live.

And by sticking to a diet regimen and workout program overseen by My 600-lb Life’s Dr. Nowzaradan, Cynthia has shown her family and friends she has what it takes to regain control of her life.

You will also see that Cynthia Wells is nothing if not a hard worker. She has two jobs, on top of the five children she is managing to raise.

Motivated and fueled by her progress, which is incremental but significant, a slimmed down Cynthia looks happy and amazingly healthy as she continues with her work out regimen and her strict diet rules set down by Dr. Now.

Cyntiha Wall
Cynthia is significantly slimmer here and looks amazing

She is also trying to save to restore a dilapidated kitchen which is in dire need of updating.

Slow and steady is winning this race for Cynthia and her remarkable weight loss journey. On My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, you will see that she’s dedicated herself to three grueling and intense workouts a week to help burn calories.

And she does have some setbacks and slip-ups in her diet which will stall some of the progress of her losing weight.

But Dr. Nowzaradan believes in her and he challenges Cynthia’s belief she can maintain a full-figure and remain healthy. He has a lot of convincing to do. But his words sink in and motivated by the promise of skin removal surgery, Cynthia vows to get back on track and reach her goal. Tonight’s episode also features Season 1’s Brian, Chantae, Derek, Lauana, Megan, Tanya and Tim.

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? airs 9/8c on Wednesdays on TLC

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rosemary osnato
rosemary osnato
2 years ago

Cynthia has model looks. What a face great features. Good luck to Cynthia.

rosemary osnato
rosemary osnato
2 years ago

Great face she has model looks. Good luck to her.!!!