CSI: Vegas start date arrives, new trailer revealed

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CSI: Vegas brings back some familiar characters from the original CSI. Pic credit: CBS

The CSI: Vegas start date has finally arrived, possibly breathing new life into the franchise that completely changed how forensic science was portrayed on television.

The original CSI ran from October 6, 2000, to September 27, 2015 (15 seasons) and spawned several very successful spin-offs.

Now, a number of years after the parent show came to a close, CBS is bringing back some of the original characters and a fresh storyline that will show off where science has taken investigators over the past few years.

The treat here is that CSI fans are going to see two of the primary characters who exited the show separately and who are now together again. Those people are Gil Grissom (played by William Peterson) and Sara Sidle (played by Jorja Fox).

Peterson was a main character through the first nine seasons of CSI, and Fox during the first eight seasons before they left the program. Fox would return later in the series run and Peterson would pop up every now and then. But now, they will take over as leads in the spin-off.

The CSI: Vegas start date and episode total

CSI: Vegas begins on Wednesday, October 6 at 10/9c on CBS. This is a limited series run of 10 episodes, but if CBS can get high ratings for CSI: Vegas, there is a strong possibility that this could lead to more episodes or a new spin-off down the road.

What is the premise of CSI: Vegas and why is it returning to CBS?

The CSI: Vegas promo shared below breaks down what is going to happen on the show and why some old members of the CSI team are very intent to come back to work for a while. There is a lot of drama in the mix this time around and we could definitely be in for a few surprise guest appearances as the episodes roll out this fall.

A look at the CSI: Vegas cast

There are some other notable people on the CSI: Vegas cast list. That includes veteran actress Paula Newsome who television viewers recently saw as the wife of Dr. Charles on Chicago Med.

CBS viewers will also see Matt Lauria as Joshua Folsom, Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan, Mel Rodriguez as Huge Ramirez, and even Paul Guilfoyle returning as Jim Brass.

During the original run for CSI, Guilfoyle appeared on more than 300 episodes as Captain Jim Brass and he was routinely involved in many of the investigations. That makes it unsurprising that he would be involved in what is likely to be the biggest case that the Las Vegas CSI team has dealt with.

Before the premiere of CSI: Vegas arrives, we also have a list of 10 shows CSI fans might enjoy linked here.

CSI: Vegas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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