Critics want to ‘slap’ Family Feud contestant for their ‘saucy’ answer: ‘So embarrassing’

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Steve was amused by a Family Feud contestant’s answer, but some viewers were not. Pic credit: ©

A Family Feud contestant’s answer left Steve Harvey speechless as he tossed his cue cards across the stage.

Donald, a contestant competing alongside his four family members, was asked by Steve to give his response to a survey question.

Steve already seemed to be entertained when he approached Donald at his family’s podium, laughing as he tried to make it through the survey clue without interrupting himself with a boisterous guffaw.

As Steve walked over to Donald, he asked, “If it weren’t for the Italians, we’d never know the Heavenly taste of what food?”

Donald was confident with his answer, firmly slapping the podium with one hand as he declared, “Italian dressing!”

Steve immediately began wheezing with laughter and had to walk away because he found Donald’s answer so amusing.

The 67-year-old weeknight game show host couldn’t contain himself, and his cue card flew across the stage as he tossed it, clearly overcome with laughter.

In the clip, Family Feud producers added a sound effect mimicking glass shattering – adding to the hilarity of the moment.

Donald’s family and the studio audience were amused, too, until they realized that his answer wasn’t in the top four answers on the board, earning him the buzzer and a big old “X.”

Family Feud critics throw major shade at Donald’s answer

Donald’s segment was shared on Family Feud’s official Instagram account, which was captioned, “If it weren’t for Italy, we’d never know the heavenly taste of what?? 🇮🇹🤔🇮🇹 Saucy answer makes #SteveHarvey throw his card! #FamilyFeud.”

Family Feud viewers at home who watched the clip play on Instagram reacted to Donald’s answer, most of them finding it rather funny, pointing out that Italians are better known for other foods like pizza and lasagna.

Some, however, were irked by Donald’s answer and expressed their disgruntlement in the comments section.

“Wow he’s a bright one,” read one such comment, dripping with sarcasm.

Another Family Feud viewer called Donald’s answer “so embarrassing,” adding, “I thought it was pizza.”

Not holding back with their comment, @jt.freshy.fresh wrote, “Sometime I just wanna slap these people.”

One Instagram user wondered whether the “tension of the moment” accounted for Donald’s answer and felt like getting a correct response should have been “easy.”

family feud viewers comment on donald's answer on instagram
Family Feud fans weigh in. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

Steve Harvey has become a favorite host on Family Feud

Steve, the show’s seventh host in nearly 50 years, is the longest-standing host of Family Feud since its inception in 1976.

Family Feud fans have come to know and love Steve for bringing his unmatched comedic talent to his hosting duties, entertaining players and viewers alike since he took over the position in 2010.

Steve also lends his talent to the relaunched edition of Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey, which he has hosted since 2015.

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