Cris turns on Chelsko, former Ex on the Beach couple trade jabs on Twitter over transphobic meme

Cris Pearson on MTV.
Cris turns on Chelsko on Twitter after her Ex on the Beach premiere

Last week, Chelsko cleared her name with a lie detector test on Ex on the Beach. Cris Pearson’s ex-girlfriend joined the show and quickly became the villain when Cris accused her of sleeping with his uncle. Even after learning the truth, it looks like Chelsko and Cris aren’t headed for a happy reunion.

After the episode where Chelsko was introduced aired on MTV, the exes started to battle on Twitter. Cris decided to hit below the belt (pun intended) with a meme claiming that his ex-girlfriend was trans. It kind of seems silly that Cris would choose that particular insult, considering that he dated her long enough to at least introduce her to his family.

The shocking meme featured a picture of Chelsko wearing a fitted white dress and had the caption, “Says ‘she’s’ not a man.” In the caption, Cris wrote “Yuk,” again taking shots at himself because remember, he dated Chelsko and obviously didn’t think she was “yuk” back then.

Cris took aim at Ex on the Beach's Chelsko on Twitter with a transphobic meme.
Chelsko saved a screenshot.

Obviously, that didn’t go over well on social media and ultimately, Twitter called out Cris Pearson for being transphobic. Hate tweets poured in for the Ex on the Beach star while Chelsko fans freaked out.

It didn’t take long for Cris to pull the meme down and apologize but the damage was done. Chelsko took a screenshot of the shocking tweet and shared it again, sparking even more outrage over the DJ’s post. In her caption, Chelsko wrote, “He might have deleted the tweet, but I screenshotted it! I’m flattered tho thank u! You realize that dress is worth more than you are right? LOL”

Clearly, Cris and Chelsko aren’t getting back together even though she proved that she didn’t sleep with his uncle. Even after the test said she didn’t do it, it’s pretty clear that some think she certainly did. Monsters & Critics spoke with Chelsko exclusively and she still denies that she ever slept with her boyfriend’s uncle.

Cris will be in the hot seat again tonight on Ex on the Beach as he starts to bond with Paulie Calafiore’s ex-girlfriend Lexi. Obviously, Chelsko, who is still there, will not want to see that. It’s safe to say that Cris won’t want her hanging around while he tries to get to know the other women on the island too.

Chelsko managed to keep herself safe during her first week of Ex on the Beach but week two may be a different story. Will Cris do his best to send her home or do you think Chelsko will be safe for one more week?

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