Couple stranded in shark-infested waters eat raw sea-snails on Naked and Afraid

Sarah gagging on Naked and Afraid
Dive master Sarah gags as she eats a raw sea-snail on Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid is back and doing it in style — with the first couple of Season 8 left stranded in a life-raft in shark-infested waters before tucking into raw sea-snails to stave off hunger.

Former Navy Seal Ben and dive master Sarah are dropped out at sea off Exuma Cays in The Bahamas — in an area of the ocean frequented by tiger sharks and hammerheads.

After having to swim out to a life-raft together they then have to use the tiny paddles to make their way to shore.

After paddling for eight hours and in the dead of night their raft springs a leak, causing them to capsize moments after they have been watching hammerheads circling around them.

After finally making it to shore, Sarah is desperate for food and finds sea-snails to eat. However, Ben refuses saying he is not yet starving enough to eat something so unpalatable.

When cooked sea-snails are not too bad, but raw they are hard to keep down.

Sarah appears confident when she first tucks in but it only takes seconds before she starts to wretch and gag at the snails’ disgusting taste.

Ben looks on baffled as she keeps eating until she manages to keep down a whole snail. Watch her shudder as she eats in the clip below.

But with food hard to come by and the threat of heatstroke, will the couple be able to survive naked together for 21 days?

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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