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Could gemstone found on The Curse of Oak Island be part of a Masonic ritual breastplate?

Garnet and setting found on Oak Island
The red gemstone and setting which were found on The Curse of Oak Island

Towards the end of Season 5 of the Curse of Oak Island, Gary Drayton and Rick Lagina were shown metal detecting on Lot 8. After some time they uncovered what appeared to be a brooch setting and soon after they found a red gemstone that once accompanied it.

In the follow-up episode Gary was shown stating that they had the stone examined by a gemologist and it was found to be a rhodolite garnet.

Knowing that Lot 8 once belonged to long-time Freemason Jonathan Prescott prior to 1784, I was especially intrigued as to where the semi-precious garnet may have come from.

Prescott had first been initiated into Freemasonry in Boston but he joined the Chester Lodge, near Oak Island in 1784, the same evening as fellow Freemason and alleged pirate, Captain James Anderson.

As I thought more about this red garnet it occurred to me that it was actually the perfect color, size and general shape to be one of the stones from a Masonic Royal Arch High Priest breastplate.

Masonic Royal Arch High Priest breastplate from the 1880s
An example of a Masonic Royal Arch High Priest breastplate from the 1880s

I’d seen pictures of these Royal Arch breastplates online over the years. They were used in a specific Masonic ritual and were meant to mimic the “Breastplate of Judgement” worn by Biblical High Priests.

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