Cougar Courteney Cox Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Bear offers some maggots to Courteney Cox
Bear offers some maggots to Courteney Cox. Credit: NBC

Tonight on Running Wild with Bear Grylls it’s Cougar Town actress Courteney Cox who gets Bear’s crash course in surviving in the wilds.

The pair head to the Emerald Isle and take on some of the rugged terrain and challenging weather than Ireland has to offer.

Arriving on the wild and unforgiving coast, Courtney and Bear face steep cliffs and rough seas.

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Courteney Cox and Bear Grylls abseil
Courteney Cox and Bear Grylls abseil. Credit: NBC

Of course everyone who runs with Bear knows they are going to have something interesting on the menu and this episode is no exception.

At one point Bear lists some of the possible things they could eat: “Birds, if we can catch them. Worms, lots of worms. Grubs, insects, flies, crickets, caterpillars, squirrels…”

Bear offers a hand to Courteney Cox
Bear offers a hand to Courteney. Credit: NBC

Later on Courtney is less than thrilled as the two of them drag a bloated sheep carcass from a pool.

The maggots from a rotting sheep that Bear serves up don’t go down to well either.

But as always on his shows, Bear has a knack for getting people to open up. Perhaps the fresh air and open environment makes them less guarded. Courteney is no different and she talks to him about life and the delight of being a mother.

Julianne Hough and Nick Jonas episodes have already aired but still to come are Vanessa Hudgens, Marshawn Lynch, Shaquille O’Neal and Olympian Lindsey Vonn.

Watch Running Wild with Bear Grylls tonight at 10 PM on NBC.

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