Contact exclusive: Alien engravings in Mexican jungle are being stolen to sell on black market

Inset photo sees Nick Karnaze look at Sarah as they venture into a cave with alleged alien carvings. Pic credit: Discovery
Inset photo sees Nick Karnaze look at Sarah as they venture into a cave with alleged alien carvings. Pic credit: Discovery

On the next Contact on Discovery and Science Channel (see days and times noted below), we head to Mexico in search of alien carvings in caves.

Alien Engravings in Jungle is the actual title of the next third episode of Contact, and the action takes place down in Rio Blanco, Mexico.

In our exclusive clip below, we see the two lead investigators inside a shallow cave. Alien-like engravings of figures with inhuman features are being chipped away by locals.

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Why? They are wizened to their value. The engravings have since spirited away evidence supporting ancient alien theories and the hard proof data supporting the idea that extraterrestrials visited Earth.

Analysis patterns lead renowned astrophysicist and international space journalist, Sarah Cruddas, and former USMC Special Ops Intel Officer, Nick Karnaze, to ancient evidence carved into the cave walls depicting human contact with aliens.

Nick and Sarah crawl into the narrow opening, and she says: “You can see all the engravings. I assume they were done by early humans a long time ago dating about thousands of years.”

Nick adds, “All of the evidence has led us here to the jungles of Rio Blanco. What’s so special about this place? what does the jungle have to do with all of these unusual sightings?

Sarah positions herself as Nick shines a light on carvings scattered all around them. They show faces and odd shapes that are human-like but not exactly human. She hones in on a face so Nick can see what she is talking about.

He says: “I wonder what inspired them to carve what they carve.”

Sarah points out one particular carving with a face that has clearly elongated features that she posits is likely alien in nature, and Nick starts to see hunks and swaths of cave wall missing as if chipped away by chisels.

The two keep finding more missing bits and shallow chiseled spots where someone has clearly removed the carvings.

The two walk outside to confer with their two guides, who seem to know exactly what is going on in here.

The older of the two, Villancio knows that the locals have been helping themselves to the artifacts. These two may even know who the culprits are being it is such a remote area.

Nick asks: “Villancio, why are some of the carvings they’ve been taken away inside there?”

Villancio tells them that people vandalize it, chip them out and sell them on the black market.

The second guide explains that “People literally chip out the carvings out and sell them for a lot of money.”

When the Spanish man mentioned “extraterrestrial,” the second guide agreed: “Especially the alien stones.” When asked what she meant, she responded: “these are very unique stones that can represent aliens and also their flying saucers.”

Nick concluded: “We have numerous people in modern times reporting UFOs here… and if what they’re seeing correlates to what the ancient people saw — that possibility exists that the answers to the questions we’re asking could be staring us right in the face and they could have been here for centuries.”

The series Contact airs on both Discovery and Science Channel and follows a group of investigators sent around the world on a mission to collect evidence to prove aliens have been in contact with Earth.

The investigative team is made up of ex-CIA officers, special ops, scientists, and investigative journalists who utilize state of the art technology, declassified government reports, and credible eye-witness accounts.

Contact is the first-ever global investigation of its kind.

Also on this episode, South America’s most perplexing military encounter is checked out by award-winning investigative journalist Paul Beban and former Green Beret Intelligence Sergeant Kawa Mawlayee.

The duo tracks down an eyewitness and faces the unexpected presence of NASA.

Tune in to see what other alien carvings are discovered in the remote Mexican forest:

Contact: Aliens in Jungle

Contact premieres Wednesday, August 7 at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel and again on Thursday, August 8 at 9 pm ET/PT on Science Channel.

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