Concerns for Andrea’s daughter Aubrey on Little Women: Atlanta

Andrea's mom holds the star's daughter Aubrey on this week's Little Women: Atlanta
Andrea’s mom holds the star’s daughter Aubrey on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta

Andrea’s parents have expressed concerns over her daughter Aubrey’s development on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta — with her mom saying Aubrey is falling “way behind”.

She makes the comment while visiting Andrea and her sister Amanda, as their dad holds newborn Aubrey while Andrea’s son Andre plays nearby.

She says: “Aubrey is not doing what you two used to do at your age. She is way behind.”

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The twins’ parents then convince Andrea that she needs to let Aubrey lie on the floor alone more.

Amanda says: “I get so scared doing that.”

But her dad tells her that when she was a kid: “We would just put you down on the carpet, and you’d want to play with the toys so you’d roll.”

He also lays into her boyfriend Chris, describing him as a “deadbeat”.

The tough love comes during this week’s episode, titled Insignificant Other, which also sees Minnie ask for advice about Gary, and Sam falls out with Tanya when she says she’s moving in with Nico.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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